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Skateboard bra


On Wednesday we gave our skateboards a base coat design a base coat is the coloured layer that goes on before you Picture. This is want I’ve done so far


This is a diagram of my skateboard One side is diagonal rainbow and the other is just plain black look forward to finishing it off next term






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Historical Elders


On Tuesday the 21 of June we had a dress up day where we would dress up as someone from the past and tell a tale of one of your days.

here is a photo of us in our dress ups.


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Vertical slide


On Tuesday we went on the vertical slide. This was a fun way to show how gravity works. It was also pretty amazing to experience as well. Here I will show you how it worked and also a link to the discovery centre in Bendigo so that you can book your own science discovery’s. discovery centre bookings


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The Universe is made of……


…….”12 particles of matter 4 forces of nature”.

this term we are learning about science like physics, chemistry and all the other topics we also learnt that science is everything in the WORLD!!!!!

If you click on these pictures they will each take you to a science video on YouTube.



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Kate Kelly’s ( Catherine Ada Kelly/Foster) life story


Imagine trying to sleep wile knowing somewhere out there family members are dieing. Well Kate Kelly had to the sister of a famous bushranger Ned Kelly, born into a family of crime. Kate Kelly made the big change to the Kelly’s being the kind one of the pack. While also being forgotten.

Kate’s every day job was to help her mother Ellen Quinn Kelly around the house, this included maintaining a fire for dinner that night, doing the washing for her beloved family,tiding and cooking every day and every night using there very own home grown veggies.

April 15 1887 a new constable arrived in the neighbourhood named Alexander flinxpatrick. Kate at the age of 15 attracted the 19 year old Alexander. One night before supper Alexander entered the Kelly’s house hold while drunk gave Dan a warranty for house stealing while also flirting with Kate. Ned was bleeding by this kindness and shot him in the wrist. After flinxpatrick’s false report Kate’s mother was sentenced to jail for three years.

After Neds hanging Kate got married to William Foster, a local horse trailer on the Lachlan river. The couple settled down in the town of lake Forbes and had four children, Maude Ada Foster, Ethel Maude Foster, Frederick Arthur Foster and Gertrude Foster.

At the age of 36 Kate Kelly sadly pass away drowning in lake forest save an aboriginal child’s life, leaving her kids with her grandmother and their father until their farther passed away in world war 1.

This was the life of a normal little girl Kate Kelly and the tragedys within it.

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imageThis week I’ve been researching all about Kate Kelly the famous bushranger Ned Kelly’s sister.

To help know what to research I’ve been using the Aussie thinkers keys that have skills you can learn to make sure you have all the right info.

This also makes researching more interesting and fun.

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Runners on its time to run


Get on your running shoes for cross country. Last week all 3-6s went down to Gisborne to do either a two or three kms around Gisborne. We started at Gardeners reserve and ended there as well.
Below is a photo of the route. Purple is a bridge white is the turn around red is the start and blue is the end.


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Draw a picture


Get a book and start visualising! This term we have been focusing on visualisation. We have read The Shadow Child and The Rainbow Cat below are some photos of my visualising.



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persuasive tips


IMG_0142This term, we have been doing a series of persuasive texts using different persuasive techniques. The persuasive techniques that we used included emotive language, alliteration, rhetorical questions and statistics. Below, I will show you a photo of one of my persuasive writing pieces still in progress.



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What’s that horseshoe thing?


This week we have been learning about something of our choice and I chose the Ring Of Fire!

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