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Dame Nellie Melba


Dame Nellie Melba
By Ella Bonsack


Early Life

Dame Nellie Melba born Helen Porter Mitchell 19 of May 1861 – 23 of February 1931. Dame Nellie Melba the daughter of builder David Mitchell and Isabella Ann Neé Dow and the eldest of seven children. Dame Nellie learnt to play the piano and sang for her first time in pupils at the age of six.


Child school
Local boarding school for girls
Melba attended the local boarding school for girls and,got a great education that sent her to college.

Teenage college
Presbyterian Ladies college
Melba attended Presbyterian Ladies College for her teenage years and studied singing with Mary Allen Christian a former pupil of Manuel García.

Melba was a success in college and carried out her singing and became a world famous opera singer and play many roles in theatre plays throughout her life. She also got herself a husband Charles Frederick Nesbitt Armstrong. Then later had a son named George born 16 October 1883.
She and her husband later divorced because of her being rapidly beaten by her husband.


Melba was so famous that there was a saying about her because of her many farewells in her career the saying was ‘more comebacks than dame Nellie Melba’.

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