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New Gisborne Primary School
Junior School Council
C/O Mr Kozak

13. 12. 2016

Dear Junior School Council,

I went to Woorabinda Somers Camp last year as this is the most sustainable school in Victoria I have some ideas on how to make our school better.

This may include sustainably cooling our classrooms during summer as using air conditioning requires electricity. When you use energy it releases greenhouse gasses that go into the atmosphere and lock the heat in. This contributes to global warming.

I think we should have a power ranger program during the warm terms, where four or five kids dress up as power rangers and go around to every class room to check if all the windows are open the blinds are down and all the heaters and air conditioners and lights are off. Then they report back to assembly as to what year level was the most sustainable and then hold up a banner that has their year level on it which is then hung up and left there all week until the next assembly.

From Ella

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