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Oaks Day


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Me in a minute


Today I did me in a minute and I have some things to improve on.

I am going to improve on my:

•Distance around the oval by doing some running at home twice a week and my goal will be to get 200m

•squats, I will improve by practicing them once a week and try to get 3 more than I did this time

•basketballs in the hoop,I will improve by doing it at home once a week and try to get ten next week

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Dame Nellie Melba


Dame Nellie Melba
By Ella Bonsack


Early Life

Dame Nellie Melba born Helen Porter Mitchell 19 of May 1861 – 23 of February 1931. Dame Nellie Melba the daughter of builder David Mitchell and Isabella Ann Neé Dow and the eldest of seven children. Dame Nellie learnt to play the piano and sang for her first time in pupils at the age of six.


Child school
Local boarding school for girls
Melba attended the local boarding school for girls and,got a great education that sent her to college.

Teenage college
Presbyterian Ladies college
Melba attended Presbyterian Ladies College for her teenage years and studied singing with Mary Allen Christian a former pupil of Manuel García.

Melba was a success in college and carried out her singing and became a world famous opera singer and play many roles in theatre plays throughout her life. She also got herself a husband Charles Frederick Nesbitt Armstrong. Then later had a son named George born 16 October 1883.
She and her husband later divorced because of her being rapidly beaten by her husband.


Melba was so famous that there was a saying about her because of her many farewells in her career the saying was ‘more comebacks than dame Nellie Melba’.

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Solar boat super star


On Wednesday the 29th of march the sixes here at NGPS all competed against each other in a solar boat race. Every team had to research and design a boat hull and create a circuit that works used solar power.

This is a book I created using book creater


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The night they stormed eureka


  I think that this book is about a girl who is stuck in the middle of a war about lisenses

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Me As A Reader



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New Gisborne Primary School
Junior School Council
C/O Mr Kozak

13. 12. 2016

Dear Junior School Council,

I went to Woorabinda Somers Camp last year as this is the most sustainable school in Victoria I have some ideas on how to make our school better.

This may include sustainably cooling our classrooms during summer as using air conditioning requires electricity. When you use energy it releases greenhouse gasses that go into the atmosphere and lock the heat in. This contributes to global warming.

I think we should have a power ranger program during the warm terms, where four or five kids dress up as power rangers and go around to every class room to check if all the windows are open the blinds are down and all the heaters and air conditioners and lights are off. Then they report back to assembly as to what year level was the most sustainable and then hold up a banner that has their year level on it which is then hung up and left there all week until the next assembly.

From Ella

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Thailand Trip

  1. Hi guys,

Although we have only spent two days here so far we have done plenty like swimming in the pools all day body surfing at the beach a competitive game of water polo, sliding down a water slide that probably wouldn’t be allowed in Australia and going to the local market.

Before I left, Mr Andrea set me a couple of tasks one of the is finding out the currency in Thailand. That means what one dolar in Australia is in Thailand money which is called Baht. I found out that 1 dollar in Australia is 25 baht which means 50 baht is 2 dollars and so forth, but to make it easier with numbers like one hundred baht you simply have to drop the all the zeros in the number which in one hundred would leave the number one then you multiply one by four which gives you four so one hundred baht is four dollars but with numbers like 10,000  you drop the last two zeros which leaves you one hundred then multiply that by four which is 400 dollars.

Now using the information you have I want to know if you can figure out what  550 baht is in dollars as this was the price of something we bought in the market.

This is five hundred and fifty baht I'm not sure who is on the fifty baht but Thailands king is on the five hundred but sadly here recently passed away

This is five hundred and fifty baht I’m not sure who is on the fifty baht but Thailands king is on the five hundred but sadly here recently passed away.

Good luck👍🏻

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Puuuuuuuuull 5B pull


Yesterday after the fun run we did a team building activity and guess what it was…. tug of war. Dun dun daaaa. But don’t worry we won.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🏅🏆🎉🎉🎉

the rope was extremely long and it made my back ache.

i learnt that in tug of war to win the opposition must step over the middle line.


Click this link for history of tug of war Tug of war


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The whistle blows and where off all the girls red vs blue. In the red team Me, Ruby, lulu, issy and Britt. And in the blue team Sophie, grace, mady, Alana and Nora. The ball heads down court to the goals we Shoot and………no it misses by a hair. GAME OVER

Yesterday 5B all partisapated in a game of lacrosse. This is a link to a great website with lots of info on how to play lacrosse.

Click here to open



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